About us

To follow God’s heart for orphans by assisting & enabling Christians to take immediate action towards ending the crisis that exists today, both locally and worldwide.

Its A Child's Life Foundation (also known as It's A Child's Life or IACL) is comprised of families with a heart for children and want to make a positive impact on the current orphan statistics. Different backgrounds and passions within the organization regarding orphan care aide in achieving a common goal: Improvement of the lives of children through adoption, fostering, mentoring and support.



In response to God's call, It's a Child's Life was created to improve the lives of children through advocacy, education, support & love, no matter the cost.

Our Founding Families

The O'Neal Family

The Denson Family

Jason, Joely, Fetinet, Jalen and Hayat.  Joely, originally from Illinois and Jason from Arizona, moved to Ada, Oklahoma in 2009 and helped start It's A Child's Life Foundation and the Orphan Love Mud Run with 3 other families from our church. We currently reside in Michigan and have adopted 2 of our children from Ethiopia, Africa.  We beleive God calls ALL of us to take care of orphans in one way or another and He has led us to do so through international adoption and to speak out on behalf of all orphans worldwide.  

Kent, Cari, Anna, and Kate, were a foster family for over 4 years in Oklahoma.  We embrace the role as child advocates and continue to fight for foster care reform. As Christ followers, we believe each individual has a unique purpose, no matter the circumstances they entered the world. Let us fight for orphans abounding with grace, love and mercy as Christ fought for us.

The Emrich Family

The Williams Family

We are the Emrich family: Paul, Ginger, Caleb, Canaan, Jacob, and Sarah.  We became involved with It's a Child's Life because we wanted to make a difference locally and internationally in any way we could.  Paul worked with therapeutic foster children for several years and saw the desperate need for good foster families and adoption.  Most of the children were abused or neglected and needed someone to love them and provide safety and stability.  It's a Child's Life promotes adoption and fostering and seeks to serve through education and fundraising.

OUR Team/Board

The Manuel Family

Danny Manuel

Board Member, It's A Child's Life Foundation

Team Coordinator of Obstacles, Orphan Love Mud Run


Despite submitting our dossier in January 2014, we still wait for a child from Ethiopia.  Politics have greatly slowed adoptions in Ethiopia and we still don’t even have a referral.  This is somewhat discouraging to us, but we continue to trust God and His timing.  In the mean time, we continue with our daily lives.  Janel still teaches kindergarten at Homer School, Danny is still at the Ada Fire Department, Grace is in 7th grade, and Blaise is in 3rd grade.  Janel and Danny are both politically active for the sake of public education in Oklahoma.  Children matter greatly to them. In addition to serving as a captain in the fire department, Danny stays busy with building and training on obstacles of all sorts.  He loves to compete in Ninja Warrior type events, obstacle course races, and always has “Jesus loves the little children, I follow Jesus” written on his back which usually sparks conversations to talk about adoption and Jesus.  Grace plays the flute in band and takes about six dance classes.  Blaise is a little ball of fire that tolerates school, but is a good student that has a kind and generous heart.  We don’t know what to expect, but God is in control and we have peace following Him.

The Hill Family

Andrea Hill

Board Member, It's A Child's Life Foundation

Team Coordinator, Orphan Love Mud Run


The Hill Family: Aaron, Andrea, and Noah (& Herschel). The Hills moved to Oklahoma in 2014. Andrea is a Foster Care Worker for TFI Family Connections, and she and Aaron are licensed foster parents. Andrea began working in the field of child welfare, where she discovered the great need for foster families. The Hills have accepted God's calling to advocate for the least of these, and they desire to encourage others to do the same. 


Dara Christian

Board Member, It's A Child's Life Foundation

Team Coordinator of Volunteers, Orphan Love Mud Run

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